Second Chances Program

    Doing good is good for business.

    One in three (33%) working-age Americans has a criminal history. Many employers disregard this group, keeping even those with non-relevant and non-violent backgrounds from great-fit opportunities. Our “Kelly 33” Second Chances Program finds and hires these great candidates to improve your bottom line and theirs at the same time.

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    Your talent pool awaits.

    Kelly 33 connects hiring managers with undiscovered talent looking for a second chance. From years of successful delivery in this area, we know the right candidates are waiting—and we know how to deliver them. This is a talent pool that wants to work. They present employers with a golden opportunity to staff up, improve retention and drive profitability.




    Second chance workers are good for business.

    Today’s labor market is complicated. Turnover ratesand associated costsare high, and it’s an ongoing challenge to fill open positions and maintain productivity. It’s costly too with employers spending an average of $10,000 per employee in turnover-related costs.

    Kelly 33 offers employers a way to connect with second chance workers who will:

    • Show up and keep showing up
    • Appreciate the opportunity to work
    • Complete the job well, and
    • Crush chronic turnover challenges

    We believe everyone should have the opportunity to improve their lives.

    Hiring second chance workers creates a double bottom line that’s good for talent and employers. The Kelly 33 program is also good for helping organizations strive toward their diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

    3 in 4
    Americans said they are more likely to support businesses committed to breaking down discriminatory barriers that prevent Americans from finding employment.
    of Americans say companies should do more to remove discriminatory hiring policies or practices that keep people from being hired or promoted.
    of Americans say policymakers should do more to establish new laws allowing job seekers with non-violent criminal records to have their criminal records expunged after they’ve paid their debt to society.

    A Coin Flip Away:
    Our Chief Diversity Officer's story.

    Keilon Ratliff, Chief Diversity Officer for Kelly, conceptualized Kelly 33 and is a firm believer that access to work is the biggest driver for justice and equality in America. He has personally witnessed how difficult it can be for individuals with a criminal record to break free from a cycle of poverty and crime without access to work, and he tells that story in this video.


    Let Kelly 33 help.

    Kelly 33 is helping companies right now meet demand and build quality teams by changing the way they hire, advance, and help people thrive. Doing good is good for business. What’s holding you back?