Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Kelly

    We believe that when we create a work environment where people can be their true, authentic selves, everyone thrives.

    Where we stand.

    Connecting people to work that enriches their lives is our guiding purpose. We owe it to our employees, talent, and clients to give everyone an equal chance to grow and prosper at work—because that’s where big ideas and real innovation happen. At Kelly, we continue to advance the cause of inclusion and accountability across our workplace and in all business standards.

    Our philosophy and approach.

    We do DEI differently through measurable action both internally and externally. We aim to build a workplace, a workforce, and a marketplace where everyone is accountable for fostering a culture where each employee belongs and is respected, valued, and included.  


    Numerous barriers make it difficult—or even impossible—for many people to attain enriching work. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity for meaningful work. That’s why we won’t rest until these barriers are eliminated.


    Supplier Diversity Program

    Innovation starts with supplier diversity. The Kelly Supplier Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program helps companies around the globe become stronger supply and staffing partners—and enjoy access to greater business rewards.      


    Amplifying inclusion through affinity groups.

    Our affinity groups promote a culture of inclusion by celebrating differences and shared identities, encouraging authenticity, and supporting the development of employees.

    Asian & Pacific Islander

    Building an inclusive community of visible Asian & Pacific Islanders within Kelly through networking and coaching.


    Creating a safe place for black people and their allies to promote well-being, to network, and to drive success at Kelly.


    Being the voice of the millennial generation at Kelly and create opportunities for professional growth.

    Rainbow Alliance

    Positioning Kelly as the global staffing firm of choice for the LGBTQ+ community and combatting discriminatory hiring policies.


    Creating an inclusive culture and combating stigma and exclusion towards individuals with disabilities.


    Advocating for the value veterans bring to the workforce through the great skills they learned in the service.


    Attracting and retaining Latino(a) talent to work at and with Kelly, and  engaging the communities in which they live and work.

    Women's Alliance

    Raising the visibility of women at Kelly, and recommending solutions to issues affecting women in the workforce.