The 2024 Kelly Global Re:work Report

    Building a resilient workforce in the age of AI.

    The 2024 Kelly Global Re:work Report is now available. Discover what C-suite executives and employees at all levels think about the world of work today—and of the future. Key findings include:

    • Most organizations’ talent strategies are ineffective – and that’s hurting business.
    • AI is disrupting the workforce, but employees are unprepared.
    • DEI efforts are failing, and underrepresented workers are quitting as a result.
    • Workforce Resilience Leaders—organizations with high agility, capability, and DEI metrics— outperform competitors.


    Preparing tomorrow’s workforce today.

    A difference of opinion.

    For the Re:work Report we commissioned two new global surveys—one of 1,500 senior executives, and one of 4,000 employees—to gain a complete picture of today’s workforce and reveal potential disconnects between the groups. Our results show that perspectives often differ:

    Executives say upskilling their workforce is the top priority.
    of leaders report adopting AI to enable humans to perform tasks more effectively.
    of executives agree that diversity directly supports business performance.
    1 in 4
    employees say they receive training and development.
    of talent say they have received AI-related training.
    of talent from ethnic or cultural minorities are very likely to quit in the next 12 months.

    New for 2024: the Workforce Resilience Index.

    In our constantly evolving world of work, some organizations are meeting today’s challenges and positioning themselves for future success. And when it comes to future-proofing your workforce, nothing is more important than resilience. Organizations with high scores across agility, capability, and DEI metrics on our Index—just 7% of those surveyed—are called Workforce Resilience Leaders. What can we learn from this elite group?

    • 61% of resilience leaders experience improved profitability.
    • 79% see an improved ability to recruit talent.
    • 72% report improved talent retention.

    Learn what they’re doing differently to become a Workforce Resilience Leader!

    “Our findings stress the importance of developing long-term workforce strategies that focus on the right mix of permanent and contingent workers, effective skills and career development, meaningful employee engagement, and thoughtful implementation of AI tools that combine the best of human talent and technology.”

    — Peter Quigley, President and CEO, Kelly

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