The 2023 Kelly Global Re:work Report

    The Three Pillars of Workforce Resilience

    As employers around the world contend with the greatest workforce disruption in generations, our report found that organizations are failing to meet the needs of talent. This new data identifies resilient organizations thriving amid the disruption—and emphasizes the importance of building workforce resilience in today’s dynamic labor market.


    Discover how top organizations build resilience in their workforce.


    Explore the disconnect between executives and employees—and why workforce satisfaction is plummeting.

    This report draws on two new global surveys—one from executives, and one from talent—to reveal a disconnect between these two groups’ perspectives on working life. The results confirm a dynamic that successful leaders have pursued: companies achieve more when they seek to understand their workers and support their social and mental well-being.

    of talent surveyed say they’re “very likely” to leave their employer within the next year.
    of executives say they’re doing more to support the wellbeing of employees compared to a year ago.
    of executives report that employee well-being (24%) and satisfaction (23%) have decreased in the last year.

    Join the ranks of the Resilience Leaders.

    Despite recent challenges of a post-pandemic era, some organizations have managed to increase employee well-being, productivity, and revenue over the past year. Our report identifies these as “Resilience Leaders” and offers their insights on how you can improve your connection with employees, increase workforce resilience, and achieve exceptional business performance.

    “Now more than ever, employers are struggling to keep up with the evolving needs of talent—and risk falling behind if they don’t bridge the growing divide related to workplace expectations.”

    — Tammy Browning, President, KellyOCG

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