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What happens when we create a work environment where people can be their true, authentic selves? Where they can bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the office, lab, and classroom every day? In short, everyone thrives.

Connecting people to work that enriches their lives is our guiding purpose. We owe it to our employees, talent, and clients to give everyone an equal chance to grow and prosper at work—because that’s where big ideas and real innovation happen. At Kelly, we continue to advance the cause of inclusion and accountability across our workplace and in all business standards.

Compared to individual decision makers, diverse teams make better decisions 87 percent of the time.
Groups formerly seen as “minorities” may reach majority status by 2044. It is time to make some changes now so all people can be enriched at work.
15 percent of Kelly's talent worldwide is involved in Affinity Groups. U.S. participation is notably higher at 24 percent.
90 percent of companies track women's overall representation in the workplace. Yet, gender tracking drops to 65 percent for differences in promotion rates.

Our philosophy

At Kelly, we believe diversity, equity, and inclusion is about embracing visible and invisible differences for all. We aim to create a workplace where each employee is accountable for fostering a culture where others belong and are respected, valued, and included.

Our approach

A movement for organizational accountability to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion through doing. DO diversity differently through measurable action both internally and externally.

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Cultivate a culture of belonging where everyone can thrive

Commit to the activities and behaviors that support belonging

Continue to identify and break down systemic barriers to full inclusion


Attract, hire, develop, and retain a diverse workforce for Kelly and our clients.

Advance POC and women in leadership roles

Expand our ability to source and retain a diverse workforce


Scale efforts and partner to amplify equitable and enriching work for all.

Respond to our clients’ DEI needs

Develop products that focus on the S in ESG and Equity@Work


At Kelly, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity for meaningful work. That’s why we won’t rest until these barriers are eliminated.

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Amplifying inclusion through affinity groups

Our affinity groups promote a culture of inclusion by celebrating differences and shared identities, encouraging authenticity, and supporting the development of employees.

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