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67% of people think non-violent mistakes in the past shouldn’t automatically disqualify someone from finding employment.
71% of people think it’s wrong that women are paid 82 cents on average for each dollar that their male counterparts make.
83% of people think companies should do more to remove barriers that keep people from getting hired or promoted.
80% of people say employers should value the relevant skills that military veterans acquire and factor them into hiring decisions.

Standing up for what’s right

Today, numerous barriers can make it difficult—or even impossible—to attain enriching work. Rarely challenged, these obstacles leave many people excluded from the workforce. At Kelly, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity for meaningful work. That’s why we won’t rest until these barriers are eliminated. That’s what equity at work is all about.

See the barriers

The world is ready for equity.

Employers are desperate for talent, while large numbers of otherwise qualified workers are unable to secure employment due to outdated hiring practices. We’re giving you the facts, so you can rethink your talent strategy, end discriminatory hiring practices, and meet your goals.

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Americans strongly support equity at work:

3 in 4

are more likely to support a business committed to breaking down barriers to work.


are more likely to seek employment with companies committed to breaking down barriers to work.

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