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A spotlight on diversity and inclusion

Outdated legislation and regulations disproportionately impact underrepresented or marginalized groups. What can we do to provide equal employment opportunities?

  • Our CEO, Peter Quigley, signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge—confirming our commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • We’re using technology across our job postings to facilitate equitable, inclusive language.
  • We’ve formed a global inclusion council and affinity groups for Asian & Pacific Islander, Black, Latinx, LGBTQ, women, and millennial employees.
  • We’ve joined several other Michigan-based businesses and local organizations in supporting a LGBTQ civil rights initiative, aimed at amending the state’s anti-discrimination law.
  • We commissioned a national survey for World Autism Awareness Month and found that Americans overwhelmingly support opening doors to neurodiverse talent. Learn more
  • We’ve offered eligible employees remote work options since 2016 to promote greater flexibility and personal wellbeing. Leaders should rethink requiring in-person work, and consider how remote work would diversify their talent pool and present more opportunities for inclusion.



80% of Americans agree that individuals on the autism spectrum can perform, and even excel, in specific areas and work environments.

Source = Kelly national survey conducted by Atomik Research, Feb 2021

Our commitment is clear

At Kelly, we won’t rest until more barriers to workforce entry and advancement are undone. The result? A more inclusive workforce where brighter futures are widespread. This commitment requires long-term grit, new thinking, strong partnerships, and bold action.

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