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For too many people, unjust barriers stand in the way of quality employment.

At Kelly, we’re breaking through systemic barriers to help you build a better future.

As one of the world’s largest employers, we’re committed to standing up for equal opportunities. We believe that work shouldn’t just improve some lives—but should be fair and accessible to the many looking to better their lives. People just like you. We’re constantly evaluating our own hiring and employment practices, and are consulting with our clients to knock down barriers as we connect more people with great jobs.

Here’s how we’re enhancing our own hiring and employment practices:

  • Refocusing our internal recruiting efforts around experience and skills, instead of degree credentials
  • Removing criminal history detail from our internal employment application
  • Individualizing job-related criminal background assessments to give more people a second chance
  • Removing the one-year exclusionary period following a positive drug test, allowing applicants to submit a negative drug test and re-enter the process
  • Working on new partnerships to break down work barriers for those impacted by human trafficking—and helping more people expunge related criminal records
  • Partnering with workforce development and training organizations to identify, place, and support previously undiscovered talent with new jobs through Kelly Discover

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If you’re a company leader looking to partner or learn more, click here to connect with our Equity@Work team.