Together, let’s create Equity@Work

76% of Americans say they're more likely to support a company committed to removing barriers that prevent people from finding employment.
81% of Americans say companies should do more to remove discriminatory hiring policies and practices.
71% of Americans agree employers should eliminate/reduce broad bans that automatically reject job seekers with minor, non-violent criminal offenses.
51% of Americans say they or someone they know has faced discriminatory employment barriers.

Standing up for what’s right

We’re a company that has stood up for opportunity for all since day one. Our founder fought to increase access to work for women and we’ve remained an outspoken advocate for the value that temporary and independent workers bring to the workplace. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to improve their lives through meaningful work opportunities. That’s what equity at work is all about.

Several barriers exist across society today.  They can even affect our children, shaping perceptions and stereotypes that impact their future aspirations. For many working adults these barriers make it hard (or even impossible) to attain enriching work, reach their full potential, and ultimately, thrive. Rarely challenged, these obstacles leave capable people excluded and cloud the dreams of future generations. At Kelly, we won’t rest until more barriers to workforce entry and advancement are undone. The result? A more inclusive workforce where brighter futures are the norm.

Source = Kelly national survey conducted by Atomik Research, Feb 2021

Join the movement

We’re creating an alliance of like-minded companies, policy groups, and institutions that will change the way companies hire, advance, and help more people thrive. Whether you’re interested in sharing barriers that your team is working to overcome, or ready to explore partnership opportunities, the time for equity at work is now.

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