Corporate sustainability

Key milestones and figures

Kelly has 30% representation by women on the Board of Directors.

In 2019, the Sustainability Governance Team formalized alignment with ESG impacts and Corporate Sustainability Strategy.

100% of employees signed the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

91% of our suppliers signed the Supplier Code of Business Conduct.

100% of employees participated in training in Anti-Corruption and Anti- Bribery, as well as Data Privacy and Protection.

In 2019, we became signatories to the UN Global Compact. We report our sustainability performance following the UN principles of good business practices.

Our EcoVadis score places Kelly in the “Silver” category.

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Ethics and Business Conduct

We are committed to doing the right thing; conducting ourselves in a legal, ethical, and trustworthy manner; strictly upholding our regulatory obligations in every country in which we operate, and complying with both the letter and spirit of our business policies and values. Our commitment is to remain accountable for our actions and goals.

Any suspected violation should be reported immediately through Kelly Services’ Business Conduct & Ethics Reporting Program.

Communication and reporting

We recognize that communicating and reporting our Corporate Sustainability Strategy performance helps to demonstrate openness and transparency. Our interest is to be accountable and responsible for our actions and reputation. We are committed to having continual communications with our interest groups so that we can implement diverse communication channels to inform internal and external stakeholders about our performance. In 2018, Kelly adopted the GRI Standards methodology for progress reporting on sustainability performance.

​Corporate Sustainability (CS) Reports




Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports​



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Assessments, recognition, and awards

External assessments like Ecovadis and CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project​) help Kelly align its social responsibility initiatives to the expectations of our customers, as well as to accurately report results. Also, external assessments provide consistency in measuring our internal performance, as well as validates our success in strategy implementation.


  • Our 2020 EcoVadis Score locates our company in the Silver Category of Suppliers ranking us in the 91st percentile. We have also been recognized in the top 6% among 400+ competitors, as well as the top 7% for ethics and top 5% for sustainable procurement.
  • Our Absolute Zero program recorded the lowest recordable incident rate in our history.
  • Kelly received the Gold Standard for Safety Excellence.
  • In 2019, we became signatories to the UN Global Compact. We report our sustainability performance following the UN principles of good business practices.
  • Our new Wellness Initiative allows our global workforce to integrate practices of being focused, balanced and healthy, while enhancing our corporate culture.
  • Diverse supplier programs reached $4+ billion in investments to contribute to economic sustainability in minority communities.


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