Corporate sustainability

Key milestones

In 2021, we aligned our GHG metrics across scopes 1, 2, and 3 to the GHG Protocol: Corporate Standard methodology to increase transparency, accuracy, and benchmark our carbon footprint to industry standards.

Our GHG emissions inventory now includes electricity consumption metrics from our global IT assets, working from home, employee commuting, and 174 leased facilities with operational control across our global operations.

We conducted a water-related risk assessment across facilities with operation control following WRI Aqueduct tool, to identify water consumption from high to extremely high water stress regions and prioritize opportunities for conservation.

3.97 tons of building material waste was recycled from our corporate campus.

We held our second Supplier Carbon Offset Project where we avoided an estimated 34.7 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by having the event fully online. 

Recycled over 70.5 tons of paper through the Shred-it® recycling program, saving over 1,200 trees, 493,700 gallons of water, and 26,800 gallons of oil.

14.43 tons of e-waste recycled and over 1,500 units remarketed.

Our Absolute Zero program has continued to record the lowest recordable incident rate against the industry standard for the last 10 years, demonstrating Kelly’s leadership in occupational health and safety.*


Kelly is committed to its responsibility to protect and maintain our planet for future generations. We strive to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum and promote internal environmental initiatives in order to promote a culture of preservation, conservation, and waste reduction.

In 2021, we adjusted our baseline environment impact metrics and recalculated our carbon footprint following the GHG Protocol. This new methodology allows us to increase transparency on our environmental impact and account for additional emission sources from GHGs associated with upstream and downstream operations.

Global GHG Emissions by Scope (mtCO2e)

  Total-emissions-pie-graph-scope-1-9-percent-scope-2-57-percent-scope-3-34-percent.svg             Scope-3-pie-graph-non-IT-electricity-20-percent-business-travel-3-percent-commute-73-percent-home.svg              Scope-3-business-travel-pie-graph-air-59-percent-nightly-hotel-25-percent-car-rental-16-percent.svg

Occupational health and safety

As a global workforce solutions provider, our employees are our most important asset. We are committed to the highest standards of safe and healthy working conditions to reduce employee accidents and occupational hazards. As proud holders of the Safety Standard of Excellence® Mark, we actively collaborate with industry peers and government agencies to design and share best practices that provide recommendations to ensure a culture of good health and safety at our workplaces.

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Kelly participated in the development and implementation of Employee Safety Best Practices, by the American Staffing Association—Employee Safety Committee. The guidelines helped to improve the industry’s safety record, and analyze impacts on productivity, turnover, and insurance cost.

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Participation in the OSHA Temporary Worker Initiative — We launched this initiative to help staffing agencies and host employers understand and manage OSHA compliance, safety program obligations through specific enforcement and compliance tools.

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Kelly achieved the mark of excellence by the Safety Standard of Excellence Program, provided by the American Staffing Association and National Security Council to encourage staffing companies to adopt safety best practices and measure continuous improvement.

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Kelly adopted a COVID-19 response and risk mitigation plan, including a pandemic planning and business continuity plan, to ensure the health and safety of our employees, temporary workforce, and support our customers on best practices and information during the outbreak.