Corporate sustainability

Key milestones and figures

We have reduced our corporate campus building’s carbon footprint by 26% over the last 7 years.

Scope 3 emissions from employee business travel fell to 682 metric tons of CO2e due to global COVID-19 travel restrictions. This represented a 75% reduction from last year.

Our Kelly Anywhere platform allowed employees to transition to remote working rapidly and effectively, ensuring business continuity as well as the health and safety of our employees during the response to COVID-19.

Between 2013 and 2020, energy consumption in our offices has decreased by 19%.

Scope 1 direct emissions from natural gas accounted for 762 metric tons of CO2e, remaining consistent with last year’s emissions.

We held our first virtual carbon neutral event, where we avoided an estimated 28 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and engaged our suppliers and internal network to plant 3,200+ trees in Sydney, supporting local reforestation initiatives from Australia wildfires.

We deployed our Emergency Management Team to rapidly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scope 2 indirect emissions from the purchase of electricity in our operations accounted for 4,149 metric tons of CO2e, reduced by 17% from emissions last year.

70.13 tons of waste was recycled in our corporate campus.

Our Absolute Zero program recorded the lowest recordable incident rate in our history.


Kelly is committed to its responsibility to protect and maintain our planet for future generations. We strive to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum and promote internal environmental initiatives in order to promote a culture of preservation, conservation, and waste reduction.

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Health and Safety

Kelly recognizes a shared responsibility to protect our people and planet. Our human capital is our most important asset. We are committed to achieving zero accidents and occupational hazards to create working environments with the highest standard of safe and healthful conditions.