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Supplier Registration is your first step in our process of building and enhancing a global supplier community. The information you provide about your company will be used to source potential opportunities—so be sure to enter as much detail about your capabilities as possible. Indicate if your company holds a diverse status (i.e. minority, woman, small, veteran, LGBTQ, or persons with a disability), you will be required to upload your diversity documents for verification. Once your registration is complete, your firm will be part of our global supplier database, allowing key contacts and account owners across the Kelly organization the ability to reach out to you.

Whether in our role as a leading provider of workforce solutions or through our corporate purchasing demands—our goal is to improve our shared business interactions.

We invite prospective suppliers to register with Kelly in your specific area of expertise or capability, through the respective links below:

  • Workforce Supplier Registration - complete this form if you are interested in partnering with Kelly as a provider of temporary and contract staff through a Kelly staffing program.
  • Procurement Vendor Business Survey - (Diverse Vendors only) - complete this survey if you are interested in providing commodities, goods, and services to Kelly directly as a Diverse Vendor.


For more information on any Kelly supplier initiatives, please contact us via e-mail SPLRDIVERSITY@kellyservices.com.