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We’ve always been a company that stands up for opportunity for all. We believe that work shouldn’t just improve some lives, but the lives of all people who want to work.

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Standing in the Gap

David, a temporary employee, finds himself disqualified for a promotion at work due to his criminal history. See how he broke through this barrier and advanced to a leadership position with the help of a forward-thinking advocate on the inside.

Finding Myself at Work

Despite her skills, education and qualifications, Jordan just can’t get through a job interview. Autism saddled her with anxiety until Best Buddies came along and helped her get in, and get settled in, a productive career and supportive community.



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We’re creating an alliance of like-minded companies, policy groups, and institutions that will change the way companies hire, advance, and help more people thrive. Whether you’re interested in sharing barriers that your team is working to overcome, or ready to explore partnership opportunities, the time for equity at work is now.

If you’re a job seeker, visit myKellyJobs to find your next opportunity.

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