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We’ve always been a company that stands up for opportunity for all. We believe that work shouldn’t just improve some lives, but the lives of all people who want to work.

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Connecting more people to work

“I believe everyone deserves the right to meaningful work. All of us together, have an opportunity to ignite a movement that will knock down unjust barriers to work. In partnership, we can provide more people with equitable access to work. I’m rallying the Kelly team around this goal and ask you to join us.”

–Peter Quigley, Kelly President and CEO

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For nearly 75 years, we’ve connected millions of people to meaningful work. Proudly standing up for what’s right—employment for all—has been a part of our business since day one. Our founder fought to increase access to work for women, and we’re an outspoken advocate for the value temporary and independent workers bring to the workplace.

Several barriers exist across society that make it hard (or even impossible) for people to attain enriching work, reach their full potential, and, ultimately, thrive. Rarely challenged, these obstacles—such as biases toward four-year degree requirements, not considering candidates with a criminal history, and many others—leave capable people excluded.

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At Kelly, we won’t rest until more barriers to workforce entry and advancement are undone. The result? A more inclusive workforce where brighter futures are widespread. This commitment requires long-term grit, new thinking, strong partnerships, and bold action.

Our commitments and partnerships

Our commitment is clear

We’re dedicated to building a more inclusive workforce. One where equitable access to work and growth for those who seek it is a reality, not a distant target. And we understand that simply participating in the dialogue isn’t enough. So, let’s get to work—together.



Join the movement

We’re creating an alliance of like-minded companies, policy groups, and institutions that will change the way companies hire, advance, and help more people thrive. Whether you’re interested in sharing barriers that your team is working to overcome, or ready to explore partnership opportunities, the time for equity at work is now.

If you’re a job seeker, visit myKellyJobs to find your next opportunity.

Let’s partner!