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Supplier Community

Workforce Suppliers 

A Foundation for Innovative Supplier Value
As a leading provider of workforce solutions, KellyOCG is acutely aware of what it takes to succeed as a workforce supplier—across all levels of organizational efficiency, at any level of business engagement. And from that expertise, spanning decades of both managing and serving in highly effective supplier relationships, KellyOCG is also uniquely positioned to partner with workforce suppliers.

Our Strategic Value. Your Tactical Advantage.
KellyOCG appreciates the strategic value that workforce suppliers bring to our solutions, so we strive to support your operations collaboratively, and optimize the service we can deliver to mutual customers. This approach lends great advantage to our suppliers, including:

  • Expanded business opportunities - access to an extensive range of projects, allowing for specialization in specific skill categories, geographies, or service delivery
  • Holistic business assistance - a single point of contact for reduced administrative activity, stronger business relationships, risk reduction, and cost savings
  • Speed to market - accelerated on-boarding and consistent business processes, with centralized compliance across multiple programs for faster, efficient operations
  • Proven partnerships - along with basic supplier development, higher-performing suppliers enjoy greater access to new or expanding business, for economy of scale and added market share

Preferred Supplier Network
We continue to emphasize the value and importance of having the best supplier community operating within our talent supply chain. The KellyOCG Preferred Supplier Network consists of partners across the globe whose performance and collaborative partnership supports our ‘Together We Win’ strategy.

Supplier Recognition
The Supplier Excellence Awards recognize suppliers whose outstanding service and superior performance results have made a significant impact and brought exceptional value to the KellyOCG business.

Supplier Code of Conduct
The KellyOCG culture and values are rooted in service, integrity, and taking personal responsibility for our actions, outcomes, and reputation. We expect our partners and suppliers to meet an equally high level of ethical standards. That is why Kelly has issued a Supplier Code of Conduct, which prescribes the minimum ethical standards that Kelly partners and suppliers agree to adhere to.

Voice of the Supplier
Among other dedicated resources, our Supplier Strategy & Engagement team serves as your internal supplier-advocate, responsible for development and centralized management of all workforce supplier relationships within our strategic supplier base.

As part of this endeavor, KellyOCG understands the demand for genuine engagement with all stakeholders - our customers, candidates, and employees – as well as our supplier base. We monitor engagement through a key metric, Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures loyalty of each stakeholder audience to KellyOCG. Like NPS, our strategy presumes that suppliers satisfied with our approach to supplier relations are more likely to recommend KellyOCG, and want to support us in other customer programs. Our 2016 overall supplier NPS score was 2%, up from -6% in 2015, while the industry average for NPS remains at -58%.*

Our supplier service center provides dedicated resources to address your service needs and answer frequently asked questions.

In support of our shared business goals, KellyOCG is also proud to offer an exclusive low-cost insurance option for qualified partner staffing suppliers that have been unable to secure required insurance limits for maintaining or securing new business in the past. Interested suppliers should visit to learn more about this program.

For further information on how a partnership with KellyOCG could directly benefit your organization as a staffing supplier, please contact us via e-mail or complete our workforce supplier registration.


*Industry average NPS includes only MSP staffing suppliers, while our NPS includes all supplier categories (staffing, IC, SOW, etc.)