• IdeaHub: A Supplier Community Forum

     The Kelly Supplier IdeaHub launched on August 12th and many great ideas have already been submitted. The Supplier IdeaHub is an online forum to share ideas amongst the Kelly supplier community and as a Kelly supplier partner, you are an integral part to our delivery of best-in-class workforce solutions. Your insight and opinions will ensure continued growth of mutually beneficial relationships. 


    You can. . .

    • View the ideas of others and comment on them 

    • Submit your own ideas 

    • Vote for ideas you think are most important and against ideas you think are not 


    Some of the top ideas posted are: 

    • Scorecards at a glance – to provide Suppliers with the ability to quickly pull scorecard information from the VMS tools (*Kelly is working towards developing this for Suppliers.) 

    • Listing up-to-date contact information for all programs (*Kelly is working on providing this to Suppliers via the Supplier Reference Library.) 

    • Twitter Accounts and Weekly Calls – to provide quicker and more consistent updates to Suppliers 


    Share your ideas with just a few clicks and start discussing and collaborating on your ideas with other Suppliers. Make your ideas even bigger! Don’t be shy – many other Suppliers probably have similar sentiments, and will appreciate your headship in starting the dialog. 


    You can access the IdeaHub by logging into the Supplier Portal and clicking IDEAS in the top ribbon.