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    For IT Support with a Kelly website, please contact the Kelly IT Service Desk @ 1-800-Kelly-01.
    Kelly World Headquarters

    999 West Big Beaver Road
    Troy, Michigan (USA)  48084-4782
    United States
    kfirst@kellyservices.com (general inquiries not resume submissions)

    Kelly Headquarters for APAC (Asia-Pacific)
    20 Anson Road, #05-01 Twenty Anson
    Singapore 079912
    +656709 3388      
    info@kellyservices.com.sg (general inquiries not resume submissions)

    Kelly Headquarters for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
    20, Avenue Edouard-Dubois - CP 48
    CH - 2006 Neuchâtel
    +4132 737 18 00      
    EMEAHQ@kellyservices.eu (general inquiries not resume submissions)

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