• Our Leadership

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Carl T. Camden [bio]


    Executive Vice Presidents

    George S. Corona [bio]        

    Chief Operating Officer

    Senior Vice Presidents

    Steve Armstrong

    General Manager, U.S. Operations

     James H. Bradley

    Outsourcing and Consulting Group

    Teresa S. Carroll

    Centers of Excellence and General Manager, Outsourcing & Consulting Group

    Myke Hawkins

    Global Solutions

    Carolyn Palmer

    Global Marketing

    Peter Quigley

    General Counsel, Assistant Secretary, and Chief Administrative Officer

    Nina M. Ramsey

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Natalia Shuman

    General Manager, EMEA and APAC Regions, Chief Operating Officer, North Asia

    Judy Snyder

    Chief Information Officer

    Olivier Thirot

    Acting Chief Financial Officer

    Debra Thorpe

    Strategic Account Operations

    Board of Directors

    Terence E. Adderley [bio]

    Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board

    Donald R. Parfet

    Lead Director

    Carol Adderley


    Carl T. Camden


    Robert S. Cubbin


    Jane E. Dutton


    Terrence B. Larkin


    Conrad L. Mallet, Jr.


    Leslie A. Murphy


    Hirotoshi Takahashi


    B. Joseph White