Human Resources

Our people…Our business

At Kelly Services—by the very nature of what we do—our people truly are our business. With over half a million employees working in various capacities around the globe, we must ensure that we continue to select from the best and brightest talent pools available.

Whether serving the professional, technical or commercial market—our business hinges on delivering the best talent and skills in that space. And since many companies allocate from 60 to 80 percent of their expense to talent, our partnership offers a critical resource to them through ongoing consultation and real-time people strategies.

Our promise

Our commitment to people in turn drives our obligation to social responsibility. Kelly maintains a number of initiatives that promote good corporate citizenship:

  • A global onboarding program that communicates our Vision, Mission & Shared Values
  • A code of Business Conduct & Ethics deployed globally, with annual acknowledgment
  • Harassment, diversity and ethics training for all full-time employees
  • Annual quality audits confirming our global compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Standardized hiring practices that ensure we meet minimum age requirements

Our commitment to inclusion

We have a long history of inclusion and engagement.  Kelly was incorporated in an age when women were beginning to enter the workforce in large number. The inception of the “Kelly Girl” was the first true recognition of the free agent principle. Husbands and sons had left to fight a war, leaving women to make ends meet financially. We recognized this trend, and provided opportunities for women to earn an income and balance their commitments outside of the workplace.

The value of a diverse workforce was another dynamic in place at our founding, in a time when such contributions were often overlooked. We recognized that every person deserved a means to work, earn a living and provide for their families. And while much has changed in the landscape of our national and global economy—these basic principles still apply as Kelly moves forward to lead our industry with the most committed, talented and skilled employees available. 

This commitment to inclusion over six decades remains ingrained in our business practices today. We maintain a diverse workforce of more than half a million employees globally, and continue to foster a culture of inclusion that attracts, retains and develops diverse talent through respect for each of our employees and their contributions. We strive to maintain a workforce that reflects the diverse population of every community we serve.

Our goal is the inclusion of diverse ideas and perspectives to promote greater innovation, and provide the best business solutions possible for our customers. Kelly relies on the sound legal and ethical principles behind equal opportunity as the foundation of our commitment to inclusion—and as the cornerstone of our leadership as a workforce solutions company. We also demonstrate our dedication to the principles of inclusion through participation in a wide variety of diversity organizations and initiatives.

Sustainability Goal

Increase access to Wellness Information by all U.S. regular employees by 10% by 2017

 Wellness Chart

Regular U.S. employees currently access information regarding benefits, health and wellness via the company intranet. The year over year progress will be measured by number of times Employee Assistance Plan information and general Wellness information is accessed on each of the respective internal web pages.