• Sustainable Operations and Purchasing Practices

    Meeting our needs without environmental compromise

    Kelly recognizes the importance of sustainability—meeting our present business needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their subsequent needs. We endeavor to maintain sustainable business operations where possible, including purchasing practices that effectively support the environment. A few examples are detailed below: 

    Sustainable Operations and Purchasing Practices

    • Kelly Services has implemented day cleaning services on the corporate campus which reduces energy usage.

    • Over a five year period from 2007 to 2013, the Corporate Campus has saved more than 129,747 Btu’s per square feet. This equates to a 24% reduction in overall energy usage for that period.  This energy reduction is a result of the following energy saving initiatives/projects which have been implemented.
      • Replacement of T-12 lamp fixtures to T-8 /T-5 energy saving fixtures
      • Retro commission of heating and cooling systems to increase efficiency
      • Installation of tankless hot water heater
      • Campus-wide water reduction by replacing water aerators of 1.5 gpm to .5 gpm
      • Economizer adjustments for optimization of outside air to minimize mechanical cooling
      • Installation of Boiler Optimization control system         
      • Recycling of Asphalt and Concrete
      • Recycling of grease from the cafeteria
      • Campus wide recycling program

    • In 2013, Kelly Services purchased approximately 33,000 pounds of recycled restroom paper products for the corporate campus.

    • In 2013, 639 tons of aggregate was recycled from asphalt and concrete  paving projects on the corporate campus and used elsewhere in the state of Michigan.
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