• Recycling and Waste Management

    Reducing our impact on the environment

    Kelly encourages recycling as a key component of waste management. Besides preventing the waste of practical materials—recycling reduces our use of raw materials and energy, while also reducing air and water pollution through conventional waste disposal. Below are a variety of our recycling and waste management initiatives: 

    Kelly Services participates and is a member of EPA waste wise which promotes recycling and recognizes corporations for their recycling efforts. In 2013 alone Kelly Services’ Corporate Campus recycled over 858 tons of material which included the following: aggregate, batteries, computers, concrete, electronics, grease, light bulbs, metal and office paper. 

    Kelly’s recycling efforts in 2013 resulted in GHG reductions which were approximately equivalent to the following:

    • The annual GHG emissions from 318 passenger vehicles
    • 171,288 gallons of gasoline (based on CO2 emissions per gallon)
    • 3,552 Barrels of oil
    • The annual emissions from the energy consumption of 79 households (based on annual emissions per household)
    • 63,662 propane cylinders used for home barbeques (based on CO2 emissions per pound of propane)
    • 12 acres of standing forest (based on CO2 sequestration per tree)
    • 572 tons of waste recycled instead of land filled (based on CO2 emissions per ton of waste land filled)

    The data in each of the statements above are not cumulative.

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