• Facilities and Environment

    Sustainable facilities for a friendlier environment

    Kelly Services recognizes the collective responsibility we share in protecting our planet. We are committed to a policy of preservation, conservation, and waste reduction on a company-wide scale. And we are continually seeking new ways to implement sustainable business practices across all Kelly operations—in every community we serve, worldwide.

    Our commitment to this initiative is formalized through Kelly’s company-wide Recognize program, led by our Sustainability Officer. Under his guidance, a team of cross-functional representatives from around the company identifies and promotes green processes and standards.  Visit these sections to see how Kelly is working to achieve a greener future, through more sustainable business practices and environmentally friendly management of our resources:

    Green Building Design and Clean Energy

    Recycling and Waste Management

    Sustainable Operations and Purchasing Practices

    Sustainability Goal

    Audit energy use on the Kelly corporate campus and institute a set of interventions that will reduce energy usage in the office buildings by 5% over a 5-year (2009-2014) period, and report this information in Metric Tons of CO2

    Sustainability Goals

    The Carbon Footprint CO2 is based upon the electrical (kWh) and natural gas (MMBtu) consumption of the Kelly Services corporate campus. These values are converted to CO2, for electricity they are based upon related emissions (indirect emissions from power plants), in the case of natural gas it is based upon emissions from stationary combustion. These units are noted as metric tons of CO2.



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