• Corporate Social Responsibility

    Embracing our legacy

    Since our founding in 1946, Kelly has embodied the true spirit of corporate and social responsibility. Its key principles resonate through our culture and the values we share as an organization. Inherently—through our core business focus—we seek to improve the quality of life for our employees, their families, their communities and society at large. We welcome every opportunity to advance the common good.

    Now as much as ever, we consider the world’s citizens our true stakeholders. We embrace public accountability, the part we play, and the value we contribute to society—whether ensuring equal opportunity to employment, promoting safer workplace conditions, advocating for health care reform, or adhering to sustainable business practices.

    We invite you to learn more by viewing our Global Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement or by clicking on the links below.

    Health & Safety
    Human Resources
    Facilities & Environment
    Business Continuity
    Sprint Buyback Mobile Device and Accessory Recycling

    Together with our customers, supplier partners and employees, we will continue to work toward ensuring that our legacy will remain strong for generations to come.

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