• Exclusive 20% Kelly Supplier Partner Training Curriculum Discount

    Successful business results come from a well-equipped and flexible workforce. In order to assist in the support, advancement and development of our supplier partners, Kelly Services (Kelly), in conjunction with SkillSoft, offers an expansive portfolio of training curriculum at a 20% discount. As you are preparing your 2012 business plans and establishing budgets for next year, consider an investment in training (using SkillSoft) to acquire/upgrade the necessary skills at a significantly discounted rate. This online resource provides the broadest range of learning content with instant access to trusted content from the leading public e-learning provider. Users can determine the approach that works best for their needs (formal learning paths, informal training, on-the-job learning, etc.) and all with support from resources carefully selected by SkillSoft subject matter experts.


    Employees can easily choose from a large range of learning content from Kelly’s very own provider of training and e-learning. All materials are presented in a user-friendly manner that allows immediate access to SkillSoft content. Whether you are in your office, home, plane or other locations, you can easily initiate training modules. SkillSoft training saves your company time, money and increases productivity with no mileage or travel expenses and less time spent away from other tasks. Training modules are conducted in segments ranging from 20-30 minutes each and are available 24X 7.


    Each module allows for self-pace learning. Features include:

    • Pre-testing to determine recommended learning paths 
    • Reviews as often as you desire 
    • Note taking feature 
    • Bookmarking ability 
    • Just-in-time information

    Join our other supplier partners who have already taken advantage of this great opportunity. For more information and to sign up, contact Maria Doucette by email at or by phone at 506-462-1390. Visit for more information on what SkillSoft has to offer.